Thursday, March 17, 2011

How its started

About one year ago, on a very fine day, one of my colleague was working on a product documentation project. Me also associated in the development of the same product. He was busy writing techie notes, collecting sample codes, screenshots and related images.

Couple of hour later, for some reason, he changed his desktop and started to work in some other’s laptop. Everything was fine, but suddenly he shouted towards us- “Its ridiculous! I have to install all the required software here to take screenshot and resizing and cropping and blah blah blah... Isn't there any website where I can do the same job?”. Few people told him that a website can only take the snapshot of the web-pages, not a desktop or local machine item. Its some kind of security issue. Me and one of my friend replied almost together- “Hey! Its possible!”. I told my friend to do the job just as a experiment, as we both mostly love to do EXPERIMENT rather than BOOOOORING coding(just kidding, actually its not boring at all).

Within couple of days we developed our first prototype. It was capable of taking screenshot of almost anything- web resource as well as local desktop resources and save them in image file format. As it is running over a web-page, we succeeded in Windows and Linux both. We gave our colleague the access of it and he was happy. We were also happy.

Human nature and mind is a complex stuff to discover. And our colleague is not beyond it. Very next day he asked us- “Can you add a resizing functionality to it?”. I took the initiative as I have done the front-end part(also involved in back-end too). So, now the app can resize screenshots. One day again he asked- “Hey! Can it crop?”. Another day- “Can we add multiple screenshot and compose?”. Again, “Can i rotate images?”. Again and again...

In our spare time I started to add those features and giving him to work. Then one day I thought not to bound its use within my close people. So, I started to work on it seriously and more smart features added periodically. Now it can take screenshot, can access image from hard drive and web. One can edit them or work with multiple snaps. Its having a robust annotation tools to annotate. After edit or compose user can store them in hard drive or can send as email or can upload in our server or can publish them in Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.

We are giving access link of a sneak peak of our app. Interested people can check and send us their email id. We will provide the link to use it before release. :)

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