Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FIRST LOOK: Pixtick- the online screenshot capture, annotation and publish app

Runs in almost everywhere:
It doesn't matter what the operating system is in your desktop or laptop. Pixtick runs almost everywhere- whether it is Linux, Macintosh or Windows. You just need a internet connection. Open www.pixtick.com and start capturing, annotating and publishing. All from a browser window. No plugins or download or installation.

Edit, annotate, compose:
Pixtick not only capture screenshot, its also having a powerful annotation utility and some image editing capability. Working with single or multiple images, resizing, rotating and cropping are some of its main features. So no need to go anywhere for basic image editing.

Save, mail, upload, share, print:
Do whatever you want with your screenshots or edited images or compositions. We have plenty of options for your publishing requirement. Save them in your hard disk as JPEG or PNG or PDF format. E-mail them directly from here. Upload them in our server and get the image link. Share them in social network sites. Sharing in Facebook, Twitter or Digg is just a one click job in pixtick.

We are giving access link to try our app before release. Visit www.pixtick.com.


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