Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color alteration issue in Mac OS X

After launching, some of our user who are using Pixtick in their Mac, reported us about color alteration problem in the captured screenshot and copied images. A big thanks to those people. They are not only using it but also informing us about the flaws in the application. We have tested it again in the same manner reported by them and found the issue. For example if we copy the below image -

and paste it in the Pixtick. The color changed dramatically and produce the below image.

We engage ourselves day and night to make it a past tense. After a robust bug fixing phase, we found the problem is with the Java applet and the way of storing of image data in Mac clipboard. We changed some of our code, altered some portion and add some new code in applet code to solve it. And as expected, its now solved. Mac user can now capture screenshot, copy-paste images without any problem or hassle. No color issue in Mac. Go happy Pix-tick-ing...

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