Sunday, October 9, 2011

A big thanks

Couple of days ago Killerstartups published a good article about us. Here is the link- It was the kick we needed to say ‘Hello’ to the worldwide net users. People started to visit and use our application.

After Killerstartups, there are other sites like,,,,,,, webdesignshock and many more reported about us. We started to see the uprising of of graph-spikes in our site analytics. On 6th. Sep 2011, we got 1000+ visitors first time on a single day.

We must mention our Facebook friends, who liked our page and spread the love among others. - is the Pixtick page on Facebook. Also many thanks to our Twitter followers and people who tweeted about us.

Thanks everybody. You are the fuel, which charge us everyday. Always waiting for your feedback. Good, bad, anything.

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